Sunday Talks

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January 2019

13 Jan:    Reg Craig                        - 2019-01-13_Reg Craig.mp3

                                                            Points of Concern

6 Jan:    Reg Craig                        - 2019-01-06_Reg Craig.mp3

Commitment Sunday                        Nehemiah


30 Dec:    Dan Platt                        - 2018-12-30_Dan Platt.mp3

                                                            Religious Restfulness - Elijah (1 Kings 19 v3-18)

25 Dec:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-12-25_Reg Craig.mp3

Christmas Day                                    Traditions

23 Dec:    Matt Craig                        - 2018-12-23_Matt Craig.mp3

Advent 4                                            Piecing together the Christmas story

(CAYOS led Family Service)

16 Dec:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-12-16_Reg Craig.mp3

Advent 3                                            Joy (Zephaniah 3 v14-20)

9 Dec:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-12-09_Reg Craig.mp3

Advent 2                                            Forgiveness

2 Dec:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-12-02_Reg Craig.mp3

Advent 1                                            The Good Shepherd


25 Nov:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-11-25_Reg Craig.mp3

                                                            Preparing for Advent

18 Nov:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-11-18_Reg Craig.mp3

                                                            The Gospel in Grief (Romans 8 v1-17)

11 Nov:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-11-11_Reg Craig.mp3

Remembrance Sunday                    Remembrance100 (Micah 4 v1-3)

4 Nov:    Matt Craig                        - 2018-11-04_Matt Craig.mp3

(CAYOS led Family Service)            Sharing Love


28 Oct:    George Donnan            - 2018-10-28_George Donnan.mp3

                                                        God loves You

21 Oct:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-10-21_Reg Craig.mp3

                                                            Psalm 86

14 Oct:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-10-14_Reg Craig.mp3

Church Anniversary                        My glory and the lifter of my head (Psalm 3 v1-8)

7 Oct:    Matt Craig                        - 2018-10-07_Matt Craig.mp3

(CAYOS led Family Service)            Stop Look Listen (Psalm 123 v1)


30 Sep:    Sharon Anson            -

Grassroots Trust                            (John 7 v37-44)

23 Sep:    Reg Craig                    - 2018-09-23_Reg Craig.mp3

                                                        Why Pray?

                                                      - 2018-09-23_Interview with Jilian Pestotnik.mp3

                                                        Ladies Day

16 Sep:    Antoine Fritz                - 2018-09-16_Antoine Fritz.mp3

Hillingdon Street Angels                The Good Samaritan (Luke 10 v25-37)

9 Sep:    Reg Craig                        - 2018-09-09_Reg Craig.mp3

                                                        Water in the desert (Psalm 139 v1-6)

1 Sep:    Ishmael                            No sermon available

All Age Celebration


26 Aug:    Service In Mission (SIM)    No sermon available due to sensitive information

                                                                (Isaiah 40 v21-31)

19 Aug:    Reg Craig                    - 2018-08-19_Reg Craig.mp3

                                                        Prayer - Getting Somewhere (Lamentations 3 v18-26)

12 Aug:    David Thomas            - 2018-08-12_David Thomas.mp3

                                                        The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6 v5-15)

5 Aug:    Dan Platt                        - 2018-08-05_Dan Platt.mp3


Don Innes Tribute Night

Listen to the music and personal tributes


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